Metadata for Oral History: An Interactive Toolkit

The Oral History Association Metadata Task Force has developed a series of tools and resources based on metadata practices by oral history practitioners. This site offers free access to those interactive tools and comprehensive resources, which are intended for use by both newcomers and experienced oral history professionals alike when setting up new projects or refining existing practices.

Different ways to use the tools on this site:


Anyone visiting this site can:
  • Download the Complete Metadata Elements List for Oral Histories as a PDFor CSV file
  • Read Practitioner Profiles by Oral Historians who describe the factors that guide their metadata decisions. View and download the Element Sets they use for their collections.


Interact with the Element Set Builder Tool:
  • Use our Element Set Builder Tool to select your own, customized Element Set from the Complete Metadata Elements List for Oral Histories
  • Generate a unique link to access intermediate drafts of your element set, with ability to send your choices to your email inbox as a PDF or CSV file


By setting up a free user account, you can:
  • Create your own Practitioner Profile, save intermediate drafts, and send your profile to your email inbox
  • Submit your Practitioner Profile and customized Element Set for publication to help others visiting the site
  • Edit or delete your Element Set and Practitioner Profile

You can contact us with questions about our work as a Task Force and how you can contribute. Read more about the OHA Metadata Task Force